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This is the first election year since I was 18 that I have no idea who to vote for. I am also very concerned about my country, The United States. I am generally more conservatives in my views, but have not joined any major political party. Years ago I joined the Patriot Party, intent on […]

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  1. Hi Jeffrey: I did like that. I am not opposed to a flat tax either. I will tell you what I am worried about with this election. I can not imagine a country with Clinton at the helm. However, since I have a sick kid, I need that Obamacare. I just can’t afford the health insurance. We are self employed so it will cost a fortune….and we don’t have the money. I do want the economy to start moving. We need the work!! We were middle class at one time and now are at the poverty level. With my son’s heart disease, it is an MRI as well as echos and all kinds of tests and maybe even surgery at some point. Very scary…..but Trump is hard for me to take seriously although he talks a good talk. I think we must protect our borders. I don’t think we can sustain letting everybody in our country, and certainly there needs to be immigration reform….a fast track to citizenship along with a fine and back taxes perhaps? I can’t stand breaking up families that have been here for years although it isn’t fair to the rest of us born here…..I think it Essential to have a strong military and the Best equipment for them and the most Excellent care for our vets….so much to do!!


  2. Hi Jeffrey: He is very conservative. I think he is a stand up guy though and was sorry he had to drop out….I liked Cruz a lot and also Mario. I think Mario was young, but I think he would have made a great Vice President. I just hate the thought of voting this year….


  3. I liked Mario because he is young and seems full of ideas, however, I think he would make a good Vice President to learn the ropes a bit. I did like Cruz a lot. I feel like he is trustworthy. Thanks Jeffrey!


  4. Hi Jeffrey: I was probably thinking of the kids’ game Mario! I really like Marco, but think he is a little young and maybe should start out by being Vice President. I felt very comfortable with him while watching the debates. I think that we have not heard the end from him, at least I hope not.


  5. I think that Cruz seemed very honest. It’s hard to tell with politicians these days though. Marco did as well. Ah well, we will have Hillary or Trump soon….Praying for America!!
    Thank you Jeffrey!


  6. Hi Jeffrey, It’s very scary to know that these are the only two “major” candidates that we have to choose from in these dangerous times. Our country has so many problems to solve!


  7. Toni, even though I was in favor of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio had some points that I agreed with. My candidate of choice would have been Rick Santorum, however he suspended his 2016 bid and threw his support behind Marco Rubio. On the issue of same sex marriage, acknowledgement of that or refusal to acknowledge such unions should be a state by state decision. Get the federal government out of it.

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  8. Hi Jeffrey: This election year is the worst I remember in my lifetime as a voter!! I liked Cruz, Rubio, and Santorum, and many other Republicans. I can’t believe none of them got the nomination! I think the federal government should worry more about national security and the debt. I think same sex marriages as well as a host of other things should be sent back to the states…Thanks Jeffrey!


  9. Hi Jeffrey: I liked Rick very much and think he would have made a good President. Too bad the majority didn’t think so. I am very disappointed this year and cringe to think that either way we will have a very scary four more years ahead of us!!


  10. Toni, as I am sure you know, there was the situation with his daughter Isabella. The fact that he put his family first caused his popularity to increase for me. I disagree with his opposition to same sex marriage, however, I agreed with most of the things he said.

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  11. Hi Jeffrey: I do applaud him for that. I even applaud Biden for his love for his family. I think he probably feels that same sex marriage is “right” but tolerance and love and acceptance go much farther than ostracizing…otherwise, I think he would be a better president than those running….scary


  12. Frankly and I’ve said this on other blogs, I am quite fed up of simply having to choose between the lesser of two evils. That is why and no I’m not wasting my vote, I am voting for Jill Stein this election.

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