Home Schooling and me…

This year has started off pretty good, with the exception of Math. The hubs used to teach math but bailed because he can’t ‘stay on track’ and wants to be present, but due to his job can not seem to be when it comes to teaching math. He also has to ‘re-learn’ everything and it’s hard for him to do that along with his job…

#4 graciously offered to teach math this year since she is graduated from college and living at home and is quite the Math Whiz. She secured a new job yesterday and may not have the time to do it. Additionally, she has discovered something I have known for a while. #6 really did not ‘get algebra’ last year. It was an awfully topsy turvy year. It was hard for the hubs, and then #3 to help get him through. Top that off with his laziness and Hate for school….well there you have it.

What to do? No idea. I am Not good at math. I absolutely can not teach it. What’s the answer? A tutor of course!!  However, in order to have a tutor, you have to have money, which we are greatly lacking. Barely getting by.

Still no idea what to do and even though I should not worry, I find myself doing just that….


2 thoughts on “Home Schooling and me…

  1. Hmmm. Could you barter with a local college student? Maybe feed them and give them treats if you can find the right student? Also, a recommendation if they do a good job for their resume? How about another homeschool family? Can you offer to teach something to their children in exchange? Just some thoughts.

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  2. Thank you!! These are good suggestions! I am waiting to see what my 21 year old thinks, she is currently “in charge” but having troubles dealing with both my son and the math….your ideas are perfect though and if I don’t think it will work out with his sister will try running an ad like this on our local Craigslist….thanks so much!


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