Writing and the rain…

A friend and customer of mine asked me today how I like living in the country. I told him I did not like it. We get lots of rain and many storms. Rain and storms never bothered me before and the reason I get irritated now is because I am on satellite and the satellite goes out often when skies are not sunny. Therefore, no blogging….

Yesterday I tried logging on to WordPress, and the page would not even load. I could not read my favorite blogs, I could not write anything, it was very aggravating….I like to start my days writing and reading. It seems to set a nice tone for the day, even if the day turns out to be not such a great day. At least I know I started out doing something I enjoy…

I know I could drive about 6 miles to my favorite fast food restaurant and blog but that would take so much time and I am trying to be present this year home schooling….

I could power up the lap top and edit my book some more but just can’t ‘get into it’ for some reason…

Ah well, a few minutes today and I am thankful!


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