Anxiety and me…funny for once…

Today was filled with Anxiety and I had no idea why. The usual things were going on…worrying about bills, how I am going to pay them all…..

Worrying about jobs that were supposed to come to fruition but for some reason did not. Rubbing elbows with everyone in our small house…..

Knowing that Winter is Coming and in two weeks or less I will be plugging in heaters because it’s going to be sooooo cold without central heat….

Wondering how I am going to get through the winter….

Wondering how I am going to put a new tire on a car….

Feeling sorry for myself because I need money……

Checking my blood pressure and it’s High High High……

Swallowing my ‘crazy pills’ and nothing is working….

Talking to the older children and some of them taking everything I say the wrong way…

About mid afternoon, I realized I had to fill up my “pill box” for the week.

Putting my glasses so I could SEE and realized that I did NOT take my

blood pressure medicine….


no wonder my pressure was up!!


bye Anxiety


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