Pulling out of the dark….

The rain is still trickling down and the satellite is misbehaving. I am missing my cable internet like a long lost lover…..

Makes you think how much we all rely on technology…..

Technology can even be in the form of appliances if you think about it. How many of us in this country anyway, take for granted appliances?  I am thankful to have one of those flat cooktops that the hubs fashioned into a counter made with 2x4s and covered with contact paper. No money for a real kitchen. But now I really miss my stove. You know, with an oven…..This is the time of year I usually bake my famous pumpkin pies….I love pumpkin…all things pumpkin. I love to make my pies this time of year and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pancakes….I do have a griddle to make the pancakes but no oven….the house always smells so good and the locusts I mean people that live here polish off a pie in a day. But I never minded because they are delicious and it’s my favorite time of year to start baking…..getting dough ready for Christmas cookies, then freezing them and they are ready for the Season…..a batch a day and always something to send home with someone or off to work with someone…..But no oven….so I feel kind of blah…..I know I can go to one of those home stores that are popular and get a used one but that costs money and I lack…..Money…….

After a good dose of Feeling Sorry for Myself, I decided to look up some recipes that can I make for the crock pot. It’s surprising the things you can make in a crock pot. Pumpkin pudding for one…..I think I am going to try some of these things…..

I was also thinking of an earlier post I wrote and thought, “why not take the laptop out and write for a while each day”?  I know I am in the midst of home school but there really isn’t much to do for the rest of the day…..no sense in me sitting here getting more discouraged and depressed and thinking of the Long Winter coming….why not just make myself go out and write and for goodness sake get the doggone book done already!!

I am ending this night with these thoughts and hope to wake up with a renewed sense of purpose……

wish me luck!


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