What you don’t know…

While you are sleeping I sneak in and cover you

like I did when you were but a baby

I turn out your light and caress your face and pray

for you

Ideas!!  Come to me!!

help!! come to me!!

Not for me,

but for you

I practically Command wisdom

and then I beg

for I know no shame

not when it comes to you

What can I do?

I ask myself there must be a way?

to reach you

to talk to you

to connect to you

to give you Hope and Joy

to place that Knowing in your Heart

that everything will be Okay

that you are Strong

and Good

and Smart

and have No Fear

I leave your door open just a little

so I can see you

I turn away rejected

wishing and hoping and praying

and crying tears of remorse

for the

Lost Years

and yet hoping that tomorrow will

be the day

when we


Please God help me

I cry in my heart

You almost died but you don’t know that

but you Lived so it must be for a Purpose

I wonder what it could be

surely not to be filled with despair

although you hide it well

the tears just beneath the surface

that only a Mother can see

Surely I will discover

the Answer

that will open your heart

to me

to that I

cling to…….

I must or go crazy

with guilt


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