Dentist today….

Today is Dentist day. #6 only has one filling, which is pretty good. It is one of those pesky little ones in between the teeth.

When I was growing up, we did not have all the fancy floss, nor picks, nor electric toothbrushes and I don’t remember having those weird little fillings in between teeth. I was not allowed to drink sodas, and when I did, it was a real treat. I never had any cavities until I was a young adult.

No Kool-Aid except when visiting my aunt’s and then I really loaded up with Kool-Aid and Sugar!  Yum!  I was only allowed to drink milk and water and orange juice. Orange juice was only for the mornings and it was in a juice glass. I also had to drink Tang. Yuck. I felt so deprived. However, I wonder if all of those sugary sodas and fruit juices that are available now contribute to those pesky fillings…

I have to be fitted once again for a bottom plate. This is the last visit supposedly. I am glad because I don’t have the money to pay for it once it comes back from the lab. So I still look like a wolf.  It is so disgusting to be fitted. That paste or glue or whatever they use for the molds make me sick….literally. Neither of us are looking forward to going today.

I warn my  kids to take care of their teeth, although a lot of good it did me. I had a million dollar mouth. Lots of fillings and root canals and crowns. Then the crowns broke down and new crowns had to be put on and of course they are so expensive that I did not have the money. I became so stressed and so tired of pain and losing teeth that two years ago I had the remaining tops pulled. Thus, a top denture. I hate that too. The company that made it supposedly did it incorrectly, according to other companies I have been to but I can’t see my way through to purchase another one. I don’t have the money and my daughters paid for the first one and I am still in the process of paying them off. So I have to use the disgusting glue….

I do, however, encourage my children to take care of their teeth in the hopes that they will not have the problems I had, but I had no problems as a child nor as a teen with my teeth…So we will just soldier through today….

I usually nap if not working after the dentist because it’s so stressful!!


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