Mondays and Lawyers…

Today #5 and I went to see a Lawyer. He was caught speeding 93 mph in a 65 zone.  Yep. He’s in big trouble. This reckless driving in Virginia carries a maximum of a $2500.00 fine, jail time, and a misdemeanor charge.

The lawyer was very nice, is an older gentleman with much experience and seems to be a straight shooter. The first thing he said was, “You are lucky to be alive young man”…..

Great to hear someone else say it!

Looks as if #5 is going to have some hefty bills to pay. His bike is for sale and he is so upset over the entire ordeal. The lawyer feels confident that he will serve no jail time and will be able to obtain a restricted license for school and work but only for six days a week. One day a week will be No Driving. He has to carry his schedule on him until the restriction is lifted which could be anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. (sounds good to me)

The lawyer said that the courts are more lenient with first time offenders if they are in a car. Motorcycles? Not so much. Too many accidents and horrific injuries.

The court date could be postponed until November but #5 is so stressed out that he wants to get over with in two weeks. He is so nervous and anxious. I worry about his heart condition and all of the stress so I silently agreed with him to just get it over with.

He hates to be working for paying off the lawyer and court costs plus a fine. He also has to do some kind of community service but we don’t know how many hours…I just hope he learned his lesson.

According to the lawyer, that is why the penalties are so steep. They want people to learn Not to Drive So Fast on Motorcycles or even in cars. They are enforcing reckless driving with a vengeance in Virginia these days.  #5  said he “hates driving like an old man”….I told him he may as well get used to doing the speed limit….tickets are outrageously expensive and not worth the insurance premiums going up!

Welcome to the Real World Baby!!

bye bye Yamaha!!  (hehe)


2 thoughts on “Mondays and Lawyers…

  1. Oh Toni – just said a prayer for your son and his coping here – this could be s very good thing as it has opened his eyes to many things!
    My spouse used to have a motorcycle and his momma had tears of joy the day he sold it!
    And we know two teens that were hit on small motorcycles – so #5 really is lucky to be alive.

    Anyhow – there are a few things I am grateful for from the judge Judy show –
    She always reminds folks and us viewers that cars and motorcycles are lethal weapons!
    Lethal weapons – thanks to “judge Judy”

    Speed can be Deadly! And the lawyer is right 😉
    And so many folks think they are invincible
    And we lost two local teens in April and speed might have been related (a jacked up truck could not take a turn going that fast)
    Anyhow – hug #5 as much as u can!

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