So good to be back..

Only missing a few days and I feel like I have missed a week’s worth of reading my favorite blogs!! (and of course writing)…..Satellite internet is the Worst…Arrrgh!!!

Everything was working fine a few days ago and all of a sudden, no internet. Terrible for business, as I use it everyday while working.
A phone call to the company that provides the internet took Forever to get through to. One wait was 58 minutes and I finally gave up and tried again a few hours later. Then it was another 40 minute wait. I gave up entirely.

Today I called again and was told that there was a ‘network outage’ …what is that? The person on the phone had no idea What it was, or When it was going to be fixed but they offered a small credit…I was thankful for that.
No use in getting upset. Nothing I can do about a satellite!!

Today the internet came back on and I am grateful. I love reading my favorite blogs! I also discovered that we Do have DSL available to us although six months ago, I was told that we do Not have it available….seems like it was available all along..

Another call to the satellite company this evening was met with ‘an unusual call volume’….I gritted my teeth, knowing I could do Nothing to get a Person on the Phone….I will try again tomorrow. I want to see how much it will cost (no matter the cost, I don’t have it)…I would like to get rid of the satellite and use the DSL that we are having installed in a few weeks. Hopefully it will be better for #5 who is taking a few online classes this semester and #6 will be reunited with his beloved friends of over eight years. They can all have unlimited streaming as well as Netflix. (let’s face it I really want to U Tube again!!) If I can’t afford to get out of the contract, I will just downgrade my plan with the satellite company until we get through the Winter….and then get out of the contract and switch to the DSL…

I love technology I hate technology!!


One thought on “So good to be back..

  1. Have you tried putting the phone on loudspeaker & taking it with you as you do normal stuff around the house. We’ve waited for hours using this method. Although Gavin did fall asleep on the phone to Qantas. 🙂

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