The Fixer Upper and me…

I think Game of Thrones was fabulous when they coined the phrase, “Winter is Coming”. We say it often these days in my house.

The furnace in the fixer upper was under the house (why?) and it was full of mold and did not work. We have to install duct work in the ceiling and of course a heat pump. Not going to happen this year. We already priced it and it is way out of our budget.

When we moved in the first of April, we used plug in heaters. We knew that the weather would be warming up so we figured we could tough it out. We were planning on purchasing baseboard heat over the summer, but it never came to pass due to other pressing expenses. Now we of course wish we had done it.  It’s already cold in the mornings and evenings!!

We are trying to wait as long as possible to plug in the heaters in each room, but in about two weeks it will be necessary. Freezing cold even now in the mornings….I am dreading winter!!

One thing that I found interesting is that the window air conditioners we used over the summer did not raise the electric bill that much. However, only using the plug in heaters for a few months raised it considerably and they both run on 110 power. The air conditioners ran all summer unless the kids weren’t home. They turned off their units when they left. We will do the same thing when we use the plug in heaters. I will turn their heaters on when I know that they are arriving home shortly, but these days we really need to install a revolving door because they come and go so quickly and at different times every day. It’s impossible to keep up with them.

I am already dressing in layers in the morning and night. I can’t imagine how I will get through the really cold months….I am not even looking forward to the holidays. With no  oven and no Heat, It’s a tad depressing. We are going to see how much used stoves are, and hopefully can pick one up inexpensively… We have tried to get an equity loan and spoke with an investor, but no luck….we will soldier on and dream of Spring (at least I will!!)

Spring seems a long time off!!


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