Writing my book….

It’s quite ridiculous that I started my book a few years ago and it’s not finished. I started editing it a while back and then had a few friends look at it and suggest changes that were really good.

Then I started to re-read it and I usually end up laughing my head off and get no where. It’s a mystery, a very different mystery, but it has a humorous aspect to it. It’s funny. Then I start editing again.

I discovered that the plot doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work!!  Then I get mad and put it away. Being sick all summer did not help because I set a date for it to be Finished and of course was too sick to write, so that date passed by….

I was just blogging about the fixer upper and was feeling a little blue. I decided that maybe to pass the time in the Cold, I will just pick up the laptop and Get It Done.  I have the beginning and the end. The ending is fabulous and I love it so will keep it. The beginning needs a little work and someone suggested I add more imagery, but I really don’t want to describe Green Trees as “Towering Green trees that reach down and caress your face”….they are Trees!!  I want the “backdrop” simple. I want the story Loud. How to do this?

Then I find myself second guessing myself. I remembered when I was taking college classes last year, and many moons ago in high school. I would just write. I didn’t care what people thought, I just wrote the paper or essay or story. It was easier that way. I know that some people find writer’s groups helpful and I am sure that they are, but I really don’t have anyone to help me hammer this out….but myself.

I think I will do this. Then perhaps post a few chapters and see what the blogging community thinks. After all, many of you are published authors. You know better than me.

I have to also remember that I am writing this with No Great Expectations to be picked up on the Best Seller List. (Although that would be lovely….I could buy a heat pump!!)


11 thoughts on “Writing my book….

  1. Write something every day. Practice. And absolutely never even think for a second about the audience. If you are getting paid to write something for a specific audience, then worry about them. If this is for you, it is for you and you alone. The audience will come.

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  2. I am not a published author(not yet) I’m offering you some advice I myself had to learn the hard way. I would like to suggest you take a step back and change your expectations. You cant achieve gold if you only aim for bronze. We are our own worst critics, stop being so hard on yourself. You have done something many only dream of. You wrote a book. That is awesome! You said your plot doesn’t work. Maybe try some visual techniques. Get a Bristol board and draw your story arch and timeline. I don’t know what your story is about but there are some great visual ideas you can use to get your brain on track and keep it there. I use calendars and maps. I have to have them to keep things flowing. brainstorm and think about how to shake up your plot, what is missing or what needs to be axed. Be flexible and it will work out. *Professional advice I got:Be cautious about posting your work publicly if you plan to publish. Find a few people who would be willing to read and revise for you privately. Your book is your baby, love it and give it all you have and it will love you back.

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  3. IMO asking people’s advice is not a good thing. Writing is a very intimate thing and people will all have different ideas!!! I would have one or at most 2 people whom I trust with my life as far as having the same ,,mindset” that I have towards creativity and stick to them once the whole book is finished, then go back to it again with maybe some of their ideas… Very often I think the first idea is the best, it just needs a little refining… Sldo sometimes an idea needs maturing, it needs to ”boil” at low in your mind… Best way to have answers is to ask your mind to fin d a solution while your sleeping. You will get the answer in the morning, the hardest thing is to find the right question I guess….But what do I know about writing… LOL.. I never wrote more than a few pages and have 2 ideas for a book that i never even wrote, just made a ”plan” for it. And it was back when there were no personal computers.. hahaha!! I just always deeply felt that it was a huge mistake to talk about your stuff to a lot of other people since they tend to all have different ideas!! Anyways I shall be really curious to read it when I can! I will keep up with you! Love your ways !! Hugz!

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  4. Don’t feel bad I started writing a book six years ago and finally finished it the first of this year. Now, I am working on having it published. Keep striving until you accomplish your goal. If I may suggest you can check out Best Seller’s Guide, its a husband and wife team that help aspiring authors to successfully publish their manuscript as well as become best sellers. Just a suggestion. Again, best of luck to you!

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  5. I don’t have any brilliant advice like the other readers… 🙂 Only admiration and one more person in your cheering section. You are writing a book. Wow. You are an author.

    This is definitely admirable, if not noble. Go you!

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