The Winery and me….

My blog includes  all these silly titles like, “Anxiety and me” which chronicles my life with Anxiety. I never knew it was so awful for me until I started putting in writing. I have another title called, “Home Schooling and me” which tells of home schooling. I hope it’s helpful to those that home school. It’s a challenge. I also have a title I write about named, “Happy Thought”, but haven’t had many of them lately….

“The Winery and me” will hopefully have a different tone, free from anxiety and fear. I took a part time job at a local winery. I don’t know a thing about wine!  I never even drink it! I think that it will be interesting to learn about the different wines, and I am hoping that I will have some amusing anecdotes to tell of the people I meet there.

It is a lovely setting. Very old. There was about 200 years ago a manor house on the site, and now there are only ruins left. Many weddings take place there beneath the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They also have a Banquet Hall and restaurant.

I worry that Anxiety will get the best of me, but I am determined to fight it off because I really want to get out of the house. I am not making much money, just a little over minimum wage, but the hours are very flexible which works perfectly with home schooling. The little extra money will help with things like plastic for the windows….

I start this Saturday so hope I can handle it without freaking out. I like it also because the dress code is very casual. Some people even wear jeans. I think comfy black pants, running shoes and a winery t-shirt sounds wonderful. It’s pretty close to my house too which is convenient. I don’t have to drive but maybe twenty minutes. They pay Every Week which is a Huge Plus!

I am actually looking forward to it so I hope I can do it. Then of course I will blog about it!

Wish me luck!!


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