I am A believer, Christian. Unmasked. Unashamed.

I had to reblog this. The part where she says, “this must be how Muslims feel in America” really spoke to me…Please visit this blog…it’s awesome!

Mixed and Modest

My dad is Muslim and his side of the family is Muslim , devout muslims. My family live in Katsina state, the northern part of Nigeria. For the first time I was invited to the Mosque.

My heart began beating every hour that it got closer to the time of me arriving to the Mosque. Even while I was driving to find the Mosque my heart kept beating.

I was, (not proud to say this).

I was scared. I was frightened. Actually.

I was scared because I knew that I was not muslim. I am christian, I did not wear the attire , and I didn’t change anything about my wardrobe. I didn’t take off my gold cross necklace, so I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was in the basement with the other women, so it was a nice social area. The women stared, like you don’t belong…

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