Book Review for the past 2 weeks…

Here are the books that I have been reading the past few weeks. Not much else to do when I can’t get online due to the weather…..

Hijack: A Sgt. Major Crane crime thriller Book 6 – A mystery featuring Sgt. Major Crane, something to pass the time, try it out and see what you think…..

All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel : Oxford Tearoom Mysteries by H.Y. Hanna – Cute cozy mystery, helps to pass the time, try it out and see what you think….

————————————————————————–Die by the Pen: A Romantic Mystery-Thriller by Miles Maxwell – This was a mystery featuring two lady FBI agents and authors are dropping dead every minute. The ending was a surprise so I really liked it…..

Squall by Sean Costello – This was a really good mystery featuring a bush pilot and his misfortune to crash his plane in the wrong place at the wrong time. Different from the usual mysteries, I liked it so give it a try….

Before the Clock Strikes by E.G. Michaels – Featuring hero Kyle Simmons this was a good book that kept me interested….you may like it too. There are others in the series…

Closure – by Randall Wood – Features FBI Special Agent Jack Randall who fights crime and brings in the bad guys. Kept me interested until the end. Good book! Give it a whirl….

Noble Beginnings, A Deadly Distance, Thin Line, three books by L.T. Ryan – featuring Super Soldier/Ops Jack Noble and sidekick Bear – bringing in the bad guys and fighting crime all over the world… all and really loved them. Always wondering what Jack will do next and if he can ever get a woman to stay with him because of his job….


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