The Dream I had last night…

When I was young I was ‘really into’ what dreams meant. It was kind of a hobby. Over the years I lost interest and grew up. I really don’t put much thought into my dreams these days; sometimes I don’t dream at all, or if I do, I don’t even remember them!

Last night was a doozy. I Love Libraries. I could spend Hours in them. I was standing in front of a beautiful library. It was not cold outside, it was warm and breezy, with the sun shining. In front of the library was a beautiful green lawn that seemed to go on for miles. The library was made of brick and was very old. One of those libraries you may see on a college campus, a very Old college campus. The building was so very Tall. I walked in and was immediately at peace. It was quiet and had long tables for people to study at with banker’s lamps on the tables. Walls as far as the eye could see were stacked with Books. Books on every subject. I was amazed and started to browse.

Then I smelled smoke. I looked around, holding an armful of books that I wanted to read, and saw in a panic huge flames surrounding the entrance to the Library. The flames burned hot and fast. The books were burning up!  I started grabbing as many books as I could carry and ran through the flames – not being burnt. The smoke was not affecting me either. (a dream, of course)….I ran through the flames and out into the sun and started yelling that the Library was on fire, but no one seemed to hear me, nor notice that the Library was burning down…..



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