The Week Long Internet Drama

A young man stopped by our house a few weeks ago that used to live in the Fixer Upper.. He was the one that made the house a Fixer Upper. I talked to him anyway because I had an agenda….

I heard that he was a ‘gamer’ and that he and his friends partied all the time and played their games online. Sure enough he had DSL Service Here and not satellite. The hubs called Verizon and sure enough, we do have it. They had an appointment for last Monday and we thought we were all set. A box arrived in the mail from UPS….
I arrived home in the evening to find no DSL.

After about 9 hours For Real, we had to hook it up ourselves (the hubs) and it’s still not right. So I had no internet. Had to do all the business stuff on my phone. I am such a terrible texter, it was a miracle I got anything done!

I am on a contract with the satellite, and as soon as the hubs gets the chance he will get it all figured out. Meanwhile, I am limited as to my writing….


Have missed you all!

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