The Fixer Upper and me….

We have been blessed this year with a true “Indian Summer”…such sunny and warm days through the third week of October. I am afraid that it may be coming to an end.

One thing we do not have in the Fixer Upper, My House of Bedrooms, is a furnace. It’s cold! Brrr!  We do have plug in heaters although they trip the breakers. Yes, we need a complete new breaker box with separate breakers for some things like the refrigerator and microwave. The hubs just hasn’t gotten to it yet. I am hoping to soon buy a ‘real stove with an oven’ instead of a cook top. I hope before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately everything comes down to money. When one is self employed we are always concerned about work but especially this time of year….fingers crossed!

A few projects I want to get done before the Holidays is to turn a small room we are currently using as storage into a bedroom. It will be the Master Bedroom and therefore it will be very small. We won’t be able to fit the bed and two dressers in it. The hubs doesn’t want to do it but I do. The reason is, I think that having a real living room will make a great deal of difference for all. Sometimes morale is low while being in the Fixer Upper, simply because we don’t have the comforts, (not fancy, just regular things) that we were used to – like a living room where people can gather. The other reason is because #3 is coming home for Christmas and I would like to have a living room with couches where she and her fiance can sleep comfortably and have a t.v. of course. I don’t see this happening, but again….fingers crossed!

We still have a huge orange dumpster in the back yard and haven’t finished clearing the mess left behind by the previous owners. I was so sick all summer I couldn’t work outside, but perhaps now that it’s not so hot my son and I can do a little each day. We have all kinds of debris to pick up. I did not like the idea of getting bitten by bugs, did not like the bees, and was just plain scared to get behind the overgrown shrubs and such. Now that the weather has turned, most of the bugs are gone, so it’s as good a time as any to try and get rid of all the debris. The hubs will have to handle the heavy stuff.

We were hoping to take off one side of the house and replace with clap board, but due to money, did not get that done. Nor were we able to scrape the clapboard like we wanted and paint, again, because of money. However, once the Spring comes, we should be able to do a few more small projects.

The first thing I am saving for is a furnace–heat pump, whatever you want to call it. I really prefer that to siding and windows. However, it won’t be very energy efficient without new windows will it?  We will just have to work hard and save for these things….

I am really dreading the winter. I hate hate hate the cold. I always have. I seem to hate it more now that I am getting older. It doesn’t make my joints hurt so much, except maybe my knees, but I can deal with heat so much better. Cold…not so much.  I figure that I will work as many hours as I can at the Winery, although it’s just above minimum wage and they won’t allow you to work more than 28 hours per week. I have to finish home schooling so it’s really a great job for me. However, I need more money.

I did reach out to an investor, but no luck….It would be so much easier to take out a small mortgage which will pay off the house and the monkeys on my back and get siding, windows, and a furnace. A kitchen I can wait for. Ah well, we are definitely doing this the hard way…

The entire house also needs to be repainted on the inside. The hubs put up all the new walls and drywall, mudded and put one coat of white paint on them. But I need Color!!  I don’t like to complain nor ask him to do it anytime soon, but if we had the money it would be so much easier on us both. Unfortunately, we barely make our bills each month…’s very easy to get discouraged but it could be so much worse. Thinking of owning it outright by next summer spurs me on and gives me encouragement. But the bills and the people I owe are a constant burr in my paw.

I am not a patient person but am learning it the hard way…..

Maybe I will buckle down during the cold months that I hate and finish that book!!


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