Another political lie

I know a lovely young woman who wanted to teach. She went to college and then worked during the day and obtained her Masters’ Degree at night. She has been teaching for five years. She has finally been rated Highly Effective the past few years and has received bonuses for this rating.

However, she has steep student loans. The student loans are supposed to carry “loan forgiveness” after ten years although she pays about 10% of her salary now toward the student loans. Then in ten years, whatever is left of the loan will be “forgiven”.

Guess what? Another political lie. The student loan forgiveness is not presented in this way to the students. They are told that their loans will be forgiven. Only CERTAIN types of loans will be forgiven, not all.

Because she was considered Highly Effective…her loan payment went UP….and she can barely make it financially…..

No wonder we need teachers! Who would want to be one, go through all of the schooling required, the re-certifications, only to achieve a good rating and then have to Pay More?



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