Book Reviews

The following are the books I have read over the last few weeks:  Try them out, my reviews don’t include spoilers!!

Secrets in the Grave by Karen Hopkins – An Amish community mystery. This is a good book but it is in a “series” and I did not read the “before books” so think I should have started with the first.  Give it a try….

The Abducted: The Beginning by Roger Hayden – A child’s abduction leads to a frightening pattern in a South Florida town.  This was “okay”, not the best I’ve read but you try it and see what you think. Not as much action as I like….

——————————————————————–Triple Threat Bookshots by James Patterson – I did not know that was a prequel if you will to Cross Kill but it’s still a good story. Still, I read the other book so knew the ending. Good for one who hasn’t read the full story yet..

Woman of God by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro —What would you think of a woman Pope?  (no spoilers here)…LOVED it….loved the story, the romance, the intrigue, the mystery…..everything!!



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