The Real Deal on Obamacare

We used to be considered middle class prior to 2008. Then the economy in the United States fell and so did our flooring business. We branched out into home improvement but still felt competition from the big box stores and flooring companies that sell direct to consumers when in the old days, they would have had to buy from us. We suffered financially and lost our home.

In 2015, we were blessed to buy our House of Bedrooms, a true Fixer Upper with some creative financing and once again are buying our home.

In 2015 we also found out our now 19 year old son has HCM Heart disease. What a shock!  We were signed up for Obamacare and were so very thankful because there was No Way we could afford the many tests he had to have, nor the tests he now has to have every six months. MRIs, electrocardiograms, ekgs, cardiologist appointments and meds. Perhaps some surgeries in the future…

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened a letter from our insurance company,  (Anthem) that said our premium was going to be raised from approximately 30.00 per month to over 221.00!!  I immediately called the Marketplace and was told that I had to call back in November in order to add our son and HIS income from a part time job that will also be counted along with ours!!  No IDEA what we will pay, or if his doctors will even be participating. That’s BAD NEWS for us! We don’t want to change docs because his doctor and program and hospital is considered one of the top ten in the United States.

If you are like me, you have been watching the news and wondering if the media is correct. Is Obamacare going to really go up for those of us that so desperately need it? Are the doctors pulling out?

Take it from a REAL person that is experiencing this:  The answer is YES!! Obamacare is a problem. Fingers crossed that we will be able to afford it somehow for our son’s sake.

Here is another example of Obamacare: Back in July of this year I had diverticulitis. I had the opportunity to see a gastro doc in One Day. Couldn’t do it. Had to wait three weeks and suffered through it. The reason?  The doctor did NOT accept the “kind of Anthem” I had….so yes this debacle of health care crisis is TRUE!

I am very scared because we need it so badly……


6 thoughts on “The Real Deal on Obamacare

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  2. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a solution to this healthcare crisis that makes everyone happy. I was wondering if you’ve calculated how much Obamacare saved you in 2015 after your son was diagnosed and how much it will save you despite the premium of $221. I’m really interested in knowing because I would like to take a stance on this issue. Is some insurance (in this case, Anthem through Obamacare) still better than none? Is anthem still better than an insurance plan you could have received prior to Obamacare (given you qualify since people with pre-existing conditions or certain risk factors were rejected by many insurance companies before)?I’m in medical school and recently learned about HCM. I wish your son the best and look forward to your reply. Thanks!

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  3. Obamacare will save me tons regardless of the lower payment I was paying or the higher payment I am also paying. It was just a shock because of how much it went up. If I weren’t on the poverty level because we have not yet recovered from the recession in 2008, it would not be so hard. Thank you for your question!!


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