The Winery and me…..

I have been working part time at the winery for about two weeks but it feels like I have been there forever. I think that is a good thing. The dress code is very comfortable, just black pants, a winery t-shirt  or a regular t-shirt and tennis shoes or any kind of shoes except opened-toed shoes. Unfortunately, my feet hurt no matter what.

My co-workers when I first started were great about giving me breaks. Now, not so much except on the weekends.

We have men and women as well as young adults that  work there. Three of the men have been there for several years and know MUCH about wine and the history of the wines as well as the winery and they TALK forever….

I am getting proficient in my knowledge of the wines we sell as well as the history of the winery. However, sometimes people just want to taste their wine, drink with their friends and Move On….

There are three men who are Older Than Me (gasp!!) talk and talk and talk….that starts a back up at the front bar (white wines) and the last bar (dessert wines). They Love to correct me in front of the customer as well as point out whatever I am doing Wrong. It’s a good thing that I don’t care or else I would be in tears or have a fit of temper!! They each also have their own ways of doing things. If you try and do it one way, then one of the other men will say it’s wrong….I have learned in the past two weeks to concentrate on my customers and just smile and Ignore them.

One of the most irritating things is that they are STILL talking when we are closing. That leaves the minions like me to do much of the closing while they are gabbing away. I seemed to have picked up some “smarts” the past two days.

I begin breaking down the bars thirty minutes prior to closing. They are still GABBING. Once my duties are done, I just clock out and leave. They love to tell me to sweep the floors (No) while they are gabbing away, often sitting on a stool (which I hardly ever get to do) and clean the bathrooms (NO) as well as take out the Heavy Trash (NO). I just refuse to do it. I am not trying to be difficult. It’s just not fair and I am an old woman and I am hurting so bad (back and feet) that I Refuse to lift heavy things and clean bathrooms which these three men can do more easily than me. (One stays on the computer much of the day)…..

Just to make sure, I checked with my boss the other day and she told that I was running my butt off all day (didn’t know she was watching) and the three men were running their Mouths, so Clock Out and let them deal with everything else since I broke down all the bars and did all the cleaning and dishes and water jugs and cracker crocks and spit crocks (such a gross word)….

One of the men had the audacity to say something to me today but I just smiled and said that I checked with the Boss Lady and she told me to leave the day before. Apparently he was a tattle tale and saw that I was telling the truth. YES he took out the trash today, cleaned the bathrooms and did the heavy trash!!

So there!!

More stories to come from the winery that are cute and funny…

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