Wedding Mother of the Groomzilla

I know a young woman who is planning her wedding and she and her finance are paying for it themselves. They wanted a quiet and small wedding with just immediate family and very close friends.

A small wedding by Wedding standards, about 50 people. They chose a venue that holds parties and weddings and celebrations on the upper floor with three beautiful rooms that have gorgeous views and decks. They only needed two of those rooms. They thoughtfully purchased the bridesmaid dresses and groomsman’s tuxes as gifts instead of their friends having to pay for them.

They are working very hard to save money in order to pay for everything themselves as neither family is financially able to help in a large way.

The groom’s mother invited 30 of her friends that she expects the couple to pay for. She is forcing them to rent another room for a total of three rooms at $2000. a pop! Not to mention paying for the food and the open bar.

Why are they allowing this?  Because the groom’s parents are paying for his student loans and he is afraid that they may no longer pay them if they say “NO” to the groom’s mothers’ unwanted guests….shame……

She is even Insisting on a brunch for Her Friends the Day Before the wedding. The bride does not know these people and the groom may know them from childhood but wouldn’t know them if he fell over them….The bride wants to spend the day before the wedding with her friends and family pampering and visiting…..

What nerve!!

I suggested that she wait until the date comes closer and just tell the groom’s mom that the third room is rented so that her friends will not be able to come. It probably will be if she waits long enough as this venue is very popular!!

If you can’t persuade ’em, move around ’em!!

Still, she’s pretty nervy!!



4 thoughts on “Wedding Mother of the Groomzilla

  1. I understand the frustration totally, as we are having similar issue with our own wedding. So many people were unknowingly invited the weekend we announced our engagement and they ‘have to be there’! So we moved the venue a 4 hour drive away. Shame, because some of our closest won’t be able to be there, but at least out small wedding won’t turn into a parents personal cocktail party.

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