Writing, working and wine…..

I really made a commitment when I started blogging to write everyday. Due to financial woes, I have had to take on a second job. My “real job” is easy for me because I have been doing it Forever and work for myself and have quite a bit of flexibility.

However, when I work at my second job, at the Winery, I have to tell you that I am so tired and exhausted, I come home and fall into bed with a heating pad!!

I am a pouring associate (I pour wine) but I am also on my feet the entire day with maybe a 15 minute break if I am lucky. Then I am constantly running back and forth between refrigerators and coolers and opening bottles (which I am horrible at by the way…I break the corks!!) in addition to filling heavy jugs of water and filling and emptying crocks that people use to dump their wine out in. Refilling cracker crocks, loading the dishwasher, putting dishes away, emptying trash, cleaning bathrooms, a constant body in movement…..

I am surely out of shape and surely Old but boy do I hurt!!  Luckily we can wear tennis shoes, but feet and back are hurting so bad that I have Nothing left when getting off work!!

I surely miss my daily reading of my favorite blogs and miss writing something fierce! I don’t speak with my grown kids like I am used to and quite frankly use the days in between to home school and work for the business…..worn out!!

Many moons ago when I was a single mom I worked two jobs. I worked during the day for a flooring distributor and at night and weekends as a waitress. Hard work!!  This reminds me of those old days.

Never thought I would have to do this at my age!!  I do like the job though and will tell some stories soon to come of the people I work with as well with the people I meet–they are adorable and entertaining!!

So tired…..


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