A Birthday Brother….

We have had two birthdays this past week. #5 and #6 have the same birthday three years apart!!  I love their birthday! They don’t like sharing it so much….

I remember when I had #6.  #5 was only three and he was so mad!!  He said he did not want a brother for a birthday present! He wanted Mommy out of the hospital and having cake with him!! He was so cute!

The hubs brought his cake and all 5 of the other kids up to the hospital so we could all have his birthday cake together!!  They brought one gift for him to open at the hospital and the others they opened at home without me. #5 wanted to stay at the hospital with Mommy….adorable!!

This year, #5 wanted to go out with his friends and did not want cake. Cake and ice cream has turned into a tradition of sorts over the years, but they are moving out and moving on and we don’t do cakes for the older ones since we only have a kitchen, not a “real table” for entertaining. We purchased two cakes and didn’t even count out all the candles like we usually do. We purchased the “big candles” …just the numbers. We sang Happy Birthday and had pizza and everyone had cake and that was it.

I hate the fact that they are getting older. Now my babies are 16 and 19!! They didn’t want to do anything “with the folks” so hung out with their older sister and her boyfriend and then everyone went their separate ways…..

I will still always love their birthday even if we don’t celebrate like we used to!!


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