An extraordinary afternoon…

This afternoon #5 asked me to ride into town with him. It was very strange because he never seeks out my company. I was blogging but left the computer and hopped in his car. I was so glad he asked me to go!

What did he want to talk about?  First A New Motorcycle. Knock me over with a Feather! He just got out of the last ticket, sold his bike and I was oh so thankful! Now he wants to buy another one. A slower one. One that he can make a “project” out of and work on. How is he going to work on it over the winter? Who knows? I told him that I thought it was a Really Bad Idea and that I did not want to scrape him off the road with a spatula. I told him I was against it, but I can’t stop him because he is now 19. That was the end of that conversation. Who knows if he will buy it?

We drove into town and he ran his errand and he was telling me all kinds of things about his friends. Several of them have gotten into very serious car accidents. Driving too fast, or maybe making mistakes on the road. He also told me that two or three of his friends are being thrown out of the house by their parents when they turn 18 and one of the boys has not even graduated high school!  This I can not comprehend. We went on talking and I listened more than talked.

On the way home, he asked me some questions about myself. I thought that was nice but kind of strange. For example, he never knew that I flew airplanes with my bio parents growing up. He never knew I had my own boat at the age of 14. He never knew I was drag racing at a track at the age of 14!!  He thought “old mom” was so boring!!

He only knows me as “Mawm”…..

It was a great ending to a moody day!!


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