First Halloween….

This year will be the first year in over thirty years that I haven’t given out Halloween candy!  I can remember from years past how I would dread having to spend the money to buy it. My kids were so embarrassed if I purchased the “cheap candy”. I dressed up too in order to give it out and it was so much fun! I loved seeing the little ones and the not so little ones and had such a good time.  Ah, for those days….

Halloween has always been a big deal. It’s the hubs’ birthday. So every year he would carve pumpkins and I would decorate and the kids (all 6) would get all dressed up and go to school functions, church functions or trick or treating. After candy they would come home exhausted to of course, cake and ice cream! Talk about a sugar high! It was always a favorite holiday….

We would decorate the inside of the house for Halloween the first of October. Since we are in a House of Bedrooms, we are of course not doing that this year. Then we would hit the pumpkin patches and corn mazes each weekend in October. Buying or making costumes were always a source of fun and excitement until the Big Day!!  In the old days, the kids could dress up in costumes when they went to school. I don’t think that they allow that these days.

They were the best of days.

Now most of them are grown up and no more trick or treating…..the older ones may or may not go to parties. We will still have cake and ice cream but it will be on the small scale because who knows who will be working or who will be home…..No more big celebrations…..

No trick or treaters either because we are on a country road and no one will stop by here…..maybe that’s why I am a little down feeling today….

What do people do when the kids grow up and no longer “do the Holidays?”…that’s what I ask myself. I guess I am not ready to let go…but I must….I walked around the house and yard today, just enjoying the sun and the changing of the color of the trees, knowing that Winter is Coming soon….enjoying a little bit of warmth, trying to get out of my funky mood….

I don’t mind that I am getting older, I just miss my kids being little!!


7 thoughts on “First Halloween….

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  2. Aww! I think my mom felt or still feels the same way. I do too, I miss the fun days.
    Well, you can most definitely still join the fun! Have you ever thought about volunteering at a local Halloween function? Most times some churches, or the city might need volunteers.

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  3. We have lived in our current house for 20 years, and in all of those years have not had one trick-or-treater. (Our youngest daughter was already a teenager when we moved here, and she wasn’t interested in Halloween activities.) We’re on a one lane gravel road. Every year I buy one bag of candy just in case, but my husband and I always end up eating the candy. I get my Halloween fix by looking at the photos of our little grandson and his trick-or-treating fun. His neighborhood knows how to do Halloween!

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  4. I also miss my kiddos this time of year…. the holiday is just not the same… We must be thankful that we have such fond memories… Now it is their time to have their own traditions… thinking of you my friend.

    Kind regards and raising my hand in a friendly wave – K

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