Home Schooling and me….

I have a friend that works at the post office. A few years ago she told me that her son was not doing well in school so she decided to pull him out and home school him. She purchased a curriculum and put him to work on his studies. He has since graduated.

At the time I wondered how she could work full time and home school too. She didn’t home school. He did it himself! I have always interacted with my kids while home schooling except for this last year. #6 seems to be more content working independently which is fine but I have too much time on my hands. When I am not working part time or my “real job”– I have nothing much to do except housework.

I give him his assignments and help with some, but most he does on his own. I find that I am bored. I have been sick with one thing or another and don’t feel like writing. My book is a hot mess. Maybe I will get “into the zone” but the day hasn’t come yet…

The House of Bedrooms is just that and we have no extra money so decorating is out of the question. I do laundry and try and keep things clean and take out trash and go to the store a few times a week but it’s very boring.

#4 is at her boyfriend’s four nights out of seven and she works during the day so I don’t see her much anymore….#5 is either at school or work or out with his friends. The hubs is exhausted and we watch tv and he always watches the worst movies or the news Constantly and it’s boring too…..

The dogs are old and don’t do much but lay around, they don’t play like they used to so they are pretty boring too but do keep me company. I find myself wishing I could work every single day even though the Winery Hurts My Back Terribly. At least I am around people and I am busy almost every second of the day so my thoughts don’t haunt me.

This is a very strange phase in my life. I have never been without someone to take care of, nor talk to and I find myself lonesome and thinking sad thoughts, having regrets, or being Nervous (hello Anxiety you Basta@@)…….

I dread the winter coming and feel myself looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days…..I pray for wisdom and for my family and friends. Everyone seems to be so busy and they all have money to spend which I lack, therefore I can’t really go anywhere….

I have been working Sundays and some Saturdays but mostly Sundays at the Winery. My boss said she wants me to work Saturdays instead. It’s a longer shift but I am glad because then my Sundays will be free and I can perhaps find a church. I have been here long enough I feel like I should have found one, but I was sick for so many months and really couldn’t go. I miss a church family. I intend to find a church and just attend for a while and hopefully then get involved. Christian friends and Bible studies will help tremendously I think…I miss the fellowship….

Boring is……well boring!!


10 thoughts on “Home Schooling and me….

  1. I totally understand what you mean in this post! It’s difficult when you are in a slump and you don’t have any income to supplement hobby projects that can keep you occupied. It took us quite a while to find a church but it really has helped me since we did. It’s nice to be a part of something fun and awesome again. “Seek and ye shall find,” eh? 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be able to find a place that works for you.

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  2. I know how you feel all too well. You are not alone. You give everything to everyone around you but you end up with nearly nothing in return it seems. No money and everyone moves onwards with his own life. You did homeschooling, right? Why don’t you help other children and use your experience to help others? You could get lots of free material like on my blog is a bit or on others. If you find a church perhaps you can even give private or home work classes there… it is horrible to have no direction. I know that feeling all too well. But you will find something special for you. And mindfully remind yourself how important you still are for your family (and I don’t mind the laundry… remember the holding hands, talks, when they ask you…)

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