The Fixer Upper and me….

I have been stressing this week over the cold weather about to embark upon us within the next few weeks. Our windows are so old a strong wind would probably blow them out. I have asked the hubs to plastic them although I hate living in a bubble. We don’t have a furnace nor heat pump so have to rely on plug in heaters. They sometimes blow the circuit breakers.

The hubs got off work early this week and brought all of the heaters out. A  friend had some extra ones and didn’t need them and was so nice to pass them on to us for free! He decided to hook them up strategically throughout the house. He plugged them all in, and when the breakers blew, he replaced them or put them on their own breaker or something. I don’t understand electrical things….

Anyway, with all of the heaters on at one time in various rooms, and  the breakers changed, it was amazingly warm!! I was so thankful and surprised!  At least I don’t have to worry anymore about being cold!

I was actually obsessing about it. Anxiety, that old fool, was really tickling my tummy and poking at me. I felt like I had bugs crawling on me, just thinking about the cold and people getting sick.

So thankful the hubs is handy and we will have heat this winter. The electric bill may be high, but we won’t be cold!!


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