I can’t believe I did this….

I actually watched the news today without turning it off in disgust. I watched several different channels and even listened to the commentators. I am one of those, “on the fence” voters this year in America’s Presidential Election Year.

I could not really believe that Hillary’s emails are back in the headlines. Surely the FBI Director must have found something that “wasn’t right” in order to open this all up again just ten days before the election……But What? That’s what I ask myself…..

The Director would not want something to come out after the election and he keep quiet about it. I bet he did not want to open it all up again, against the advice of the Attorney General either. I would not want to be him. Tough choice. I am hoping that he did this because it was the right thing to do. However, that’s really concerning!!

I have never seen an election year like this. Two kids kicking stones at the playground, neither one of the major parties’ candidates much liked, nor trusted….so much at stake for our Country….

Scary stuff. I do pray for America….

But now I’m more confused than ever!!


7 thoughts on “I can’t believe I did this….

  1. I can say with confidence that I believe Trump will do a good job for our country. People today only listen to short sound bites and believe what the media has to say. I have listened to full speeches, have read his book, and have read a few books about him. I have also been following him and his children on Facebook and Twitter and am amazed at how generous they all are. The media only reports negative things in order to sway votes. I encourage you to do more than follow what the media says. Listen to a full speech or two of all the candidates on YouTube. I also encourage you to watch the project veritas videos and read through a few Wikileaks emails for yourself. Do some deeper research. The media is biased and it is our responsibility to sort through it all.

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