The Ugliest Birthday Cake Ever…

Many years ago when all the kids were little I had a thing about their cakes. They had to be Spectacular!!  This was before all the cooking and baking shows that are so popular today….

I am no baker so always ordered them, back when we had money. The kids were always excited for their presents and parties but the cake was the Grand Finale and they couldn’t wait to see it!

This year, with the hubs’ birthday on Halloween, since we don’t have an oven, he received a store bought cake. I think I must have scraped the bottom of the barrel! It is by far the ugliest cake I have ever seen!!

Very small, for there were no cakes left, and some funny plastic things on it….then I asked the baker to write “Dad” on it because it has a tacky “Happy Birthday” plastic thing on it….No one is going to like the looks of it so I hope it tastes good!

The hubs said he could care less, he’s too old for cake!!  Just wait till he sees how ugly it really is….(maybe he will buy me a stove soon!!!)

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