The Winery and me….Ironic

A few days ago I posted all about the winery I work part time at and also about the history, and about my co-workers. It’s ironic because I said the co-workers were so nice…..

Yesterday was the first time I worked when we were not swamped. I saw that “tasters” were getting backed up so decided to help out a young man who was working the red wine bar. He reminds me of my shih-tzu. Here’s why:  wherever my dog goes, he loves to raise his leg (so embarrassing) like he’s saying, “I’m here!! I am territorial!!”  Well, this particular young man is Very Territorial about his red wine bar!!  He always works it on the weekends but the line was getting so long. I started pouring reds for people and they appreciated it. No one likes to wait Forever at a wine tasting!!  He made a few snide comments and I got a few dirty looks from him but I kept at it anyway until he got caught up. Then I wiped down his bar for him and emptied his spit buckets, refreshed his water for him. I was just nice even though he was mean. In the back of my mind I kept thinking of my little dog at home!!  So funny how people are!

The first bar holds six wines and the girl that runs it was in the back doing something. My bar was second yesterday. I was on my way to Her bar when a young girl came up- running throwing a nasty comment over Her Shoulder to me….lah de dah!!  I have nothing to prove there so was nice to her too although she really deserved a smack!! I guess you get those pesky co-workers everywhere! At the end of the day, I let her break her own bar down and didn’t help. No sense in being around mean people if you don’t have to!

I was told that one particular vintage that I was pouring yesterday was the last of it. We only had a few cases of it left. The guy that told me was one of the No It Alls that I spoke of a few posts ago. He said that I should mention that this bottle would no longer be sold because we didn’t have many cases left. Then he snidely said, “Let’s see how good of a salesgirl you are”….(only 26 years of selling)….I smiled to him but sneered in my mind. At the end of the day the manager said we sold tons!!

So there!!


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