Obamacare Renewal–ouch!!

Yesterday was my daughter’s day off. She visited me for lunch while I was working at the winery. It was nice. She was upset because she tried to renew her Obamacare coverage and it was very expensive and very confusing.

Plumped on pillows in my House of Bedrooms with a heating pad on my back, I called the Health Insurance Exchange with much trepidation. I was able to add her to our policy.

My rates increased from 30.00 to 237.00

Not bad for health insurance one would say….in the old days  when we had money and there was no exchange and we were not at the poverty line, I paid double that, but had a family of 8 in those days.

You have to tell them everything to see if you qualify. Everyone in the household who works, even my 19 year old student who works part time…..and my daughter….and my little $9.00 per hour job at the winery counts a “household income”….therefore the rates were so high.

This is very high for us to pay right now. However, if we don’t, we could certainly have a higher deductible,  and a less expensive plan, but with my son’s heart MRIs, echos, etc…..we would owe the hospital a fortune. So we are sticking with our old plan.

For those of you do math well, you can figure out the percentage that it has increased. A whole lot!!!

On top of that, my working increases the amount even though I don’t even make a $150. per week. It’s cheaper to stay home. But I won’t do that even though the work is hard on my back because at this juncture in my life, I need to get out of the house and be around people….

It’s a problem!!

Another thing they don’t tell you – if you make LESS than the “minimum required to qualify for the exchange”, you Could be eligible for Medicaid. However, in my state, that does not apply……That leaves many people still not able to have health insurance.

I just wanted to post this from a “real person” instead of the media talking heads so that everyone would know the truth!!

The rates are going up tremendously, the deductibles are outrageous, and YES there are less doctors participating!!


11 thoughts on “Obamacare Renewal–ouch!!

  1. I have to renew my Obamacare soon. The first 2 years of Obamacare were okay. This past year to keep my premium affordable I had to choose a policy with a $6200 deductible. But no worries. I’m healthy for my age. Then I had a blood clot in my leg and a medical emergency and had to spend 5 days in the hospital. We have racked up bills of $10,000 + out of our own pockets this year for co-pays and deductible and what the insurance didn’t cover. My husband is retired and on Medicare, and I work only part time. We’ll get all the bills paid eventually. But Congress needs to fix this. If they had worked on tweaking this and fixing it instead of voting repeatedly to repeal it, we might be better off.

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