The winery and me…

Yesterday I worked at the winery at the dessert wine station. I was not feeling good as I posted earlier. There are stools against the walls which are “frowned upon if one uses them” but I did not care. I told my boss once I got there (I was Late, Late) that I was not feeling good but would do my best to get through the day and she was okay with that.

The One Who Knows It All was unfortunately working as well. He was very nasty and grouchy and took every opportunity to Tell Me What I Was Doing Wrong. Finally I just could not take anymore of his mouth. I told him that I was sick and told my boss as such and for him to either speak to me nicely or he could take over for me and have all of my tasks as his. He shut up and called me “dear” the rest of the day. What a bozo.

Yesterday we had a constant full house. Several couples were celebrating their anniversary and it was delightful to see them so happy. Another bridal group came in and most of the girls were really nice and had so much fun taking pictures and drinking wine and visiting with one another. It was nice to see. However, one of the bridal party was Not Nice. She was Demanding and Rude. My usual sunny disposition seemed to fly away and I wanted to reach across the bar and give her Perfect Hair a Tug. However, I smiled and continued to pour her wine and give in to her every whim and she Calmed Down…sheesh…No Manners. To an older lady even who was doing back breaking work! But to be fair she had no idea I was not feeling well, but still, a little manners please!!

After the winery closed we stocked wine. I had never done this before. It involves bringing case after case of wine to the front where people can purchase them and unloading the wine into slots on the wall. Back breaking work. One guy told me to get several cases and bring them over. I looked at him and said Absolutely Not. He was in his 20’s and built like a football player. My back was aching as well as my tummy and I was Not going to carry heavy cases of wine. He took one look at me as I put on my “mommy face” and he brought the cases over. I thanked him and smiled and continued on my task.

Whew! What a day!!

One good thing is, my co-workers knew I was not feeling well and they helped me as much as they could. They know I am a hard worker and I was not up to my normal speed yesterday. In nine hours I had a ten minute break….

Went home, climbed into bed and fell right to sleep before 7:00!! My heating pad is my best friend!!


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