American politics

Yesterday I worked all day. It was grueling. I had to carry and unpack and stock boxes of wine. The boxes were so heavy!!

After work I went to my local firehouse and voted. Since the town is small, it was done by paper ballot and then scanning it into a machine. I am used to voting on a computer so I felt kind of stupid, not knowing how to vote using a paper ballot! It’s been years since I have done that!

I drove home in pain. My back was killing me and I grabbed my heating pad and got into bed. My daughter came home and we watched television together until about 9:00 at night and then it was off to bed for me. Before leaving her room, she switched to the news and saw that Trump was leading but I didn’t really think he would win. I did not stay up to find out.

I found out this morning and was quite surprised. I never thought he would actually win the election. I thought it would be close though. I don’t think it was so much because of one candidate or another, I think it was because people are looking for change.

The past eight years there has been some good, like in all administrations, but financially,  it has been a rotten time for my family. I was very worried about health insurance and still am. I was more comfortable with Hillary perhaps “fixing it” but was very concerned with all of the scandals surrounding her as Secretary of State and her Foundation. I didn’t know what to think of Trump. I am not a member of a political party and was on the fence for a long time. I won’t say who I voted for but I am sure glad it’s over and believe that now we need to get behind the new President and hope and pray for the best.

There are so many concerns facing our country and I don’t know that one administration can fix them all. My personal biggest concern is healthcare due to my son. I pray that whatever they do, they don’t change pre-existing conditions, and that we will have affordable healthcare. I do believe in a strong military. (military family) I also think that we should have strong borders both north and south. I think many of the social issues should be sent back to the states and that the federal government should do it’s business running the country, bringing back jobs, improving schools, do something about student loans, keeping our country safe and all of that.

There was a country song that came out years ago that said something like they never knew that there was a depression because they were so poor. I guess I kind of feel like it won’t affect my little corner of the world no matter who is President. But I hope for the best.

I watched the speeches today given by the candidates and the President. I think that both of the candidates were gracious toward one another. I will be praying for the incoming President, just as I have prayed for our current President. I will continue to pray for America.

I’m really glad I don’t have to hear the talking heads every night on the news reporting on the campaigns.

I did watch Hillary’s speech today and cried for her. Even though she had scandals upon scandals swirling around her for years, she started out advocating for women and children and families and always has. I don’t know the details of the Foundation, or what she did or didn’t do right or wrong regarding her emails and such, nor do I think she was a great Secretary of State, but who knows the inner workings of the government? I hope she did the best she could. I cried a bit for Her because she has always advocated for children, women and families. I remembered how horribly her husband treated her while she was First Lady in front of the whole world. I remembered how she valiantly soldiered on and became a Senator. I remembered her losing the last election. Losing two elections must have been heart breaking for her. The past year and a half had to have been grueling for her body. I cried not because she didn’t win, but for Her. She’s a person too and has feelings. She must be in shatters. I hope she takes some time to heal and to enjoy her daughter and grandchildren. I hope she will have Peace in her heart. That’s why I cried.

I pray for Trump and his family. They have a Big Job ahead of them. I pray that they are all up to the task.

It would be great if the next administration can make some real changes that will affect the “little guy”, the “blue collar worker” in a good way. My expectations are not that high and would not have been no matter who was elected. However, I pray for the best…..



2 thoughts on “American politics

  1. USA will change a lot. I work for the largest company in the USA. Past 15 years. Mandatory to have insurance. This year. My company told the associate. Not mandatory to have their insurance. Obama efforts of eight years. Good and bad will be tossed away. I pray we don’t fall down and can’t get-up.

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  2. I am with you there!! I hope the changes are for the best, not the worst. Only time will tell. I have prayed for every President since I could vote whether I voted for them or not. I will pray for the new President too. I think each administration has done some good things and some bad things. I can’t say it will affect me one way or the other. I am just concerned about healthcare as my son has a heart condition. I do think we need strong borders, a strong military, (military family) and I think our nation is very divided and racially charged. I hope the violence ends soon and law and order are restored! Thank you!


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