Grocery shopping can be surprising

I was at the grocery store on one of my days off and saw a lady that I sometimes work with. She is five years older than me. (gasp!!)  She works for money sometimes and sometimes for wine.

We were just exchanging pleasantries and then all of a sudden we discovered that we live so close that we could talk to one another’s houses. She was telling me of her holiday plans and about her children and a conversation developed. Before I knew it, I was crying!!  Embarrassing!!  She laughed and said it was still the hormones from the Menopause!!

I was embarrassed to tell her what house I lived in. We live on the same street. Then I said to myself “who cares?” and told about the fixer upper. I know I was feeling sorry for myself. I told her all about it. No heat, no stove, blah, blah, blah….

Imagine my surprise when she told me that one time she lived in a very small travel trailer that needed much work and had no bathroom! She had a friend cut a hole in the floor, put on a hinge and a handle, put a barrel under it and used that as a bathroom!! I had to admit I felt foolish!!

She didn’t care that my teeth are all messed up, I live in a fixer upper, or that I am having a rough time emotionally, or even that I get stressed out and have anxiety really bad. She was just being nice.

After leaving the store, I wondered if she was just being nice or if she would tell anyone else at work. Imagine my surprise a few hours later when she came over! She just knocked on the door and I was flabbergasted!! I invited her in and showed her the house. She didn’t care. She said she heated her home entirely by wood by choice. She uses electric blankets at night and only uses the heat when she has company. She laughed at the cook top and said it was nice. She thought using old family china cabinets as “cabinets” smart. She didn’t care that the floors are sagging in places nor the drywall not finished nor the horrible paint.

Before she left, she said we would get together after the holidays and I believe her! A new friend around my own age that isn’t judgmental!!

I was and am so thankful for her kindness!!


12 thoughts on “Grocery shopping can be surprising

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  2. Yes! There are kind people in the world who don’t care what you own, how you look or what you can do for them. Glad you opened yourself up to the possibility of friendship and found a kindred spirit. They are out there if we look.

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  3. Wow 😳!!
    Some of sees ourselves through our own eyes 👀.. and think everyone sees us as we do..

    So we are surprised 😳 when.. someone look at us and don’t see any of what we see..

    Good 😊 for you.. you found a friend.. who only sees the beautiful soul you are…
    Please enjoy her company and try to see you through her eyes..
    and try to accept your situation as a blessing.. and with gratitude for what you have accomplished ..

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