Seven days no blogging…

It’s been seven days since I have written on my blog and it makes me sad. I don’t know how people do it when they work in the service industry with their bodies. It’s so hard to do anything at all when you get off work except fall into bed!!

That’s pretty much what I have been doing. On my days off I have been dealing with my belly problems, doing housework and home schooling. I want to write, but I look at the clock and before I know it, it’s 9:00 p.m.!!

Not so late you think? It really isn’t. However, I have to get up early and get to work on time and deal with my belly in the morning, so that’s now my official bedtime….at least for now!!

I work every other day it seems with maybe another off and weekends. My schedule has since changed to one half day during the week and every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For now it’s okay. We shall see how this works out…I am trying to make enough money to buy a few Christmas gifts for the kids. I hope that they are not expecting much because my “real job” is slow and money is in short supply.

It seems some of my checks have gone for groceries as well so I really can’t catch a break.

Miss everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Seven days no blogging…

  1. I fully understand the not feeling like you can blog. I write my blog in real time – meaning I write and post the next day after a meal, and that is hard some days and when I miss a day I feel bad. I know others sit and write a bunch of posts and schedule them out but that just never seemed to work for me. Hoping things even out for you soon!

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  2. When you find time to write.. please do.. but.. don’t worry about it..… family.. job.. all. Comes first..
    I know it’s your passion for blogging and sharing with us…. but it’s not detrimental….
    we will always be here when you get the time to share your writing with us

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