The Fixer Upper and me…..

There are so many things I could stress about in living in a fixer upper house. The one that has been bothering me the most is the heat. Not having any. We thought we had the problem fixed by using plug in heaters and replacing a breaker or two. However, if one kid uses their heater, the other room blows the breaker. The hubs has to put one of the rooms on it’s own breaker. I am stressed because I am afraid that they will get sick. I am hoping he will get to it this week but hate to press him because he is working so hard……

I awake early so turn on the kitchen heater and the bathroom heater so that the kids will be warm when they get up. My heater works fine, but for some reason this year I am cold all the time so have been wearing my sweater or robe while inside which I rarely do….I am thankful for my old robes and old sweater though!!

What’s funny is that while going through Menopause I would go outside in the winter and the cold felt wonderful. I would put my face in the freezer to cool down and was always wearing those cold packs around my neck. I had ice packs all over the freezer and would sometimes put them on my head!!  Now I am so cold!!  I am even cold at work and “layer up” because I can’t seem to get warm. How I long for summer!

The hubs still has to go under the house which he is dreading. The pipes were burst when we first took on this venture and he replaced some but didn’t wrap them nor put any heat lamps under the house to keep the pipes from freezing. If they do we certainly don’t have the money to fix it. I am hoping he will do it soon before it gets Really Cold or God Forbid, Snows….

A good report:  We had one wall outside that was practically falling in. You couldn’t tell from the inside, but could certainly tell from the outside. The two children whose rooms are on that side of the house had no idea, but “critters” could have gotten in. The hubs found some siding on sale and we bit the bullet and bought it. It was less than $200.00 because the house is small. He put siding on that one side in two weekend days and it looks wonderful!!  It’s not perfect but at least they are safe! It looks a little weird because the rest of the house is that old ugly clapboard, all chipped and ugly but at least one side is pretty!! Most important is that animals can’t get inside the walls during the winter!!

We still haven’t figured out how to buy a stove with an oven before the holidays. We are looking for a used stove but it’s kind of hard with the hubs schedule. He has to pick it up and he is working like a dog…. Part of the family is going to my son’s house for Thanksgiving, part of the family is staying here. I don’t want to really go because of my anxiety and teeth and I can’t eat regular food because of my belly. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday and am trying to see what hurts my belly and what doesn’t. My poor body! I work the day after the holiday and want to visit a short time and then just go home and go to bed.

Christmas is another matter. Will post about that later…..

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