Just Popping In…

It’s been way too long since I have written anything. We made it through Thanksgiving at my son’s and it was very nice. I got my new teeth in that week. I live only about 6 miles from the dental clinic, opened the door and threw up. Have to get used to them. Haven’t had both sets in since. Why?

Living in my little tortured world…..The weekend after Thanksgiving I had the bright idea to eat a hot dog. Well they smelled so good!  I had only been eating applesauce for breakfast, a small turkey sandwich for lunch and potatoes for dinner since divers which occurred at the end of July. I thought I was getting better.

The first week of December I spent sick as a dog. Went to the doc and although blood work was fine, had shooting pains through out my ridiculous belly and of course Anxiety has had a great time convincing me I have stomach cancer. Laying in the bed. Crying. Stressed out of my mind. I lost 15 pounds in one month. Normally I would be thrilled. Have to see gastro doc next week and currently being treated for an ulcer. They want to put a scope down my throat and see what’s going on. It’s been awful.

No writing, no reading, no anything. I am trying to eat more but it’s difficult. I am afraid to eat. Have to eat an egg each morning. I used to love the mornings. Now I dread  them. Scared of everything. Hating eggs does not help.

Basically I’m a train wreck of nerves and nausea and sickness. The shooting pains are gone but the worry is permanently glued to my shoulder. Train wreck.

I have missed blogging so much and hope all are well!!

The Christmas spirit isn’t in the house at all. When you are sick and broke who cares? But somehow I have to take advantage of the good days for the kids’ sake even though they are all grown or almost grown.

We have hardly any work so that is also a stress factor. Not that money would fix me but it surely would help. I am so scared of making ends meet right now although I am back at the winery but not firing on all cylinders….

Like the title, Just popping in….will update more once I go to the gastro man. I only hope that it won’t take forever for them to figure out what’s wrong with me. I hate being this sniveling person!!

Love to all…


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