Family time

We had a wonderful visit with #3 and her fiance’ over the holidays, although I was sick for much of her visit. I cried and cried when she went back to Colorado. She is very happy there and is learning to navigate her way……She will be back soon for her wedding in July so we all are looking forward to seeing her.

#4,5, and 6 are still at home so the nest isn’t completely empty, but it certainly feels that way sometimes. That added to my despair. No one wants to see mom sick all the time, laying on the couch or in the bed, crying.

It’s been a rough winter but there are worse things I guess.

“The Winery and Me” has ended for a while. Too sick to work and not allowed to come back until I can work a full shift. I tried very hard to work but was sick so much that I can’t blame my boss at all. After all, she has a business to run.

The hubs had to take over my “real job” and mostly he handled it like a trooper. He did get a little irritated now and then, but when he was doing my job and his, dealing with the house, and grocery shopping, it’s to be expected……

I’m going to try very hard to write each day again. I am pretty scared that my symptoms are going to come back, but pray, pray, pray that they don’t!!


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