Some of you may remember many moons ago when I had no washer and dryer. I was always at the laundry mat and met some lovely people there. We did scrape and bought a scratch and dent washer but have had the same dryer for over 12 years.

Today I was drying clothes and smelled fire. Yep the dryer died. I guess I had better start saving up quarters again!!!

The positive to this is that I get to meet people again at the laundry mat!!


2 thoughts on “Ironic….

  1. We too had our washing in the irrigation canal in our village. The only time we had for chatting together. Women, of course, took a longer time to wash. We couldn’t help overhearing their talk with code words. I was able to hack their code over a period of time. Most of them were comments about other women not present in the canal at that time. The village belles, of course, occasionally made comments about me between themselves and giggled. Well, they were happy times! Now I have a washing machine of my own. But the work is dreary and monotonous.

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