The Fixer Upper and Me

I would be remiss if I didn’t write about the Fixer Upper. For anyone planning to buy one, please don’t watch those silly shows on television. IT’S COLD WITH NO HEAT.  We had to rely on plug in heaters which often blew breakers. We do have an older Kerosene heater which really came in handy but the smell made me sick on top of being sick. Not good. But I was warm!!

I see no new furnace in my future but am planning to buy two new kerosene heaters for next year and place them strategically throughout the house. They seem to not smell like the older ones. It costs about $3.00 a day to heat the house with them. Not too bad. I can take another year. (As I am enjoying 60s and 70s)…..

Water pipes broke a few weeks ago so we had no water for a few days. I had to buy gallons of water and of course the hubs had to replace Two Well Pumps in the freezing cold. What an adventure you say?  NO. AWFUL. However, it’s all fixed now so water under the bridge (or the house)!

I am happy to report that the hubs bought a scratch and dent real Stove around the holidays so we were able to have Christmas Dinner!!  That was a wonderful surprise, although I didn’t eat much…, the family did and enjoyed it!


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