Chickens or Dogs?

My neighbor behind me raises chickens. Last year they were just the cutest little babies! I noticed last week that something was getting in the trash cans out back and couldn’t figure out what “it” was……my little dog, Sabrina only weighs about 5 or 6 pounds but she is a jumper. She’s also old. However, she doesn’t let her age stop her. (wish I were like her)!!  She jumps up on the picnic table and manages to cause all kinds of havoc, so naturally thought she was somehow getting into the trash (although the can has a lid) and was eating trash and then dragging it all over the yard. She is actually #4’s dog but I somehow inherited her. I was so irritated with her and fussed at her too. She put her tail down, a sure sign she was the trouble maker. Lo and behold I went outside and saw my neighbor’s Chicken All Grown Up and BIG on top of the picnic table and getting into the trash!!!  Gross!!  I tried to shew her and her posse away but they would not go. I moved the trash can instead. Poor Sabrina! I bought her some peanut butter doggie treats as a token of apology!!

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