Homeschooling and me….

I thought I would try a color this time around. I like it! Needless to say, home schooling certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s tough sometimes and the easiest thing in the world at other times. I have done this for so long you would think I would be an expert. Sadly, no. Being ill for so long has certainly put a cramp in our schedule. I am only teaching #6 this year which should be easy. I have used the same curriculum for over seven years. However, this year is hard. Not just due to illness but because although #6 is smart, he is a lazy learner. He would rather play games all day. He is a phenomenal writer and yet he wants me by his side. The other kids usually did their own work by themselves.  He handles history and science on his own which is great. However, math is just not happening as usually his dad teaches and this year he bailed. No math At All thus far. So I don’t know if he will pass the G.E.D. this summer, nor start community college in the fall. I have been stressing over this for months. He also has to take his driving on-line as well as behind the wheel.  Lots to do!! We have a wedding for #3 in July and then in August I am prayerfully hoping that I will be out of town in Maryland until #2 has her new baby……I recently decided that I can only do what I can do and that’s all. So I am concentrating on my part of homeschooling and letting everything else handle itself. I did order him a G.E.D. prep book with tests. Hopefully that will help. I would hate for him to fail the tenth grade. (mother’s guilt)…..I figure that once he gets his license and finishes school stuff he has to do for me, he can then try the G.E.D. If he passes, GREAT!!  If not, try, try again and perhaps take some G.E.D. classes or something. I don’t think that he will start community college this year. I instead am going to encourage him to get a part-time job and start in January. That way I will be home to get him enrolled and such. Or on the other hand, maybe everything will just pick up momentum and we will roll on through!  We have a research paper to do which is really getting me down. In fact, he is almost done with everything else. The problem with the curriculum I use is that it is Very Hard and “they” give you topics to pick from. He has decided on the right to bear arms which should be easy but it’s turning into a debacle. #6 is used to getting research information from books and now we can use the internet but he still wants books! I shouldn’t complain I know, I am just in a hurry to get it done! On the flip side, he is doing work and is very conscientious about it most of the time except for English which he needs me for. I don’t know why, he’s really a wizard at it. Maybe just for reassurance…..Ah well, last year for me home schooling!!  Yeah!! Home-schooled four kids!! They all started out in public or private Christian schools. I am not against public school at all. I just wish I would have stood firm all those years ago when the hubs decided that home schooling was better….I pray for wisdom and just keep saying, “last year, last year, last year”….no matter what!!

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling and me….

  1. I was homeschooled as well, 7th-12th, and I had the same pros and cons, in a history nerd so that was super easy, but math.. lookout lol and not only being a history nerd, I’m also a constitutionalist, so writing about the 2nd amendment.. I couldn’t be more excited, just make sure there’s deep research involved, because mainstream history is diluted at best

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  2. Thank you so much! Library day is going to be big fun for me getting books for this research report!! We can use the internet too but #6 likes books more (go him)!! Also, advice was great for his attitude as well!! Gave it right back to him yesterday and finished another compare/contrast essay!! Thank you!

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