Some Exciting News Today…..

15 years ago my daughter in law had a baby.  She had a terrible pregnancy. She was sick All The Time. I never saw anything like it. (and I have had 6 children!) I first thought she was faking it but soon saw after many trips to the hospital that the poor little love was really sick. Her parents threw her out on top of everything else and she quit school. I helped her pass her G.E.D. and my son and I taught her how to drive. My granddaughter is a teen now and is finding her own way in life. She is the typical teen, involved in sports and has a boyfriend. Soon she will be driving. My son called me today to say that they are thinking of having another baby. He doesn’t want to have anymore after he turns 35 and he is 33 now. I scrreeeched in delight on the way to church!  I am so hoping and praying that God wants them to have another child. It will be great for my daughter in law because she is getting lonely already, and soon their only child will be off to college.

Babies are always a good idea…well most of the time!  (prayers floating upward)


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