The Nice 86 year old Lady

Last night I told a true story about the nice little 86 year old that hit me (my body and car) last week. Today I found out that she has since grown claws and a tail. I called the Police Chief and he said he has most of the accident on tape. Her insurance company doesn’t want to pay. The nice lady said it was my fault. (wha??) The Police Chief said that “technically” my door was partially in the lane in which she was traveling and that, “he could” say it was my fault. He said he was not stating fault; it’s up to the insurance company. They were very rude and nasty on the phone, saying that I “refused medical care”…..true. I went home and then went to the emergency room and I did/do have a concussion as stated by the doctor on paper. Sheesh! They want to fight it!!  I am so overwhelmed and can not believe it!  How can it be my fault when I was not even driving?? The Police Chief claims that my door was completely open but it was not so of course I told him to send me the tape. What a mess!!  One more little piece of sandpaper for my life!


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