Two Separate Houses

I am a flooring contractor by trade (believe it or not)!!  Many years ago we did a husband and wife’s home. The funny thing about it was that they lived across the street from one another and we did wood flooring in both of their homes!  I was quite chatty with the wife and I asked her about her peculiar living situation. She said that she was not interested in divorce. She was married for thirty years or so and they had several children and grandchildren. She said that she was very young when she got married and that the first twenty years were great but then her husband started to change and not for the better. She loved him though, she just couldn’t stand living in the same house with him. They dated. They went out for dinner together and sometimes cooked for one another. They played golf together and shared the same friends. They just went home to their respective houses at night.

I kind of like that idea now.


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