When your kids are the Parent

Getting older is not really funny like haha but it’s funny like ironic, weird, uncomfortable, surprising…my eldest son has been pretty worried about me for months during many illnesses. Lately he has been giving me, “life advice”….at first I thought it was silly but as I pondered what he was saying, I began to take small steps each day and took his advice. For example, one day last week I cleaned the bathroom really good….(exciting I know)….but I felt better. Then he suggested that I start eating food I like. (haven’t mastered that yet)….he suggested that I put on my headphones at home if I am irritated with my home life (which I often am) and I did and listened to music and felt wonderful!  How I have missed my music!!  Then he suggested that I read again. I devoured two books this week. It was incredible!  Then he asked me the last time I sang?  (I sang all the time when the kids were little)…..I was stumped. I haven’t sung in years. I put in my Keith Urban CD (just love him) and sang my heart out yesterday!!  Isn’t it funny that when the kids get older they Parent US?  And sometimes it works!!


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