A Loving Journal

I wrote the other day about journals my daughters bought me for my birthday a week or so ago. One, The Gratitude Journal I have not yet received. The first journal I did receive. It’s more than a journal. It gives you little exercises to write about. For example, “Name ten big dreams you have not yet achieved” …This was a hard one for me because I am so used to thinking about and caring for the family, but I am learning to have some “wants” and “dreams” of my own. One dream of mine is to own a new car. Not too exciting I know. My old Mercury, (Ethel) is getting quite the mileage on her and she loves to guzzle gas as she’s running up and down the roads. I would love to buy a new car someday. Nothing fancy, nor flashy…just fuel efficient and smaller. 

My favorite exercise involves two tigers. They are drawn on a page. You write three things you are Fearful of and then you “color” them out until they no longer exist!

There are all kinds of little exercises like this in this journal. It’s one of the best journals I have ever had — good for me too!! I am thinking of buying one for my granddaughter as she likes stuff like this…..

What do you all think of writing in color??


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