M.O.B. — Faux Paux???

For all of the brides to be and the Mothers of the Bride, this post is for you. I am trying  (very slow going) to get ready for #3’s wedding in July. She has a mint green and lilac and a little gold color scheme. Sandals are the shoes of choice, no silver….

I picked up a pair of sandals at Walmart for about $14.00 that are full of bling and bought a “hi low” lilac dress on E bay….(is it out of style?)!!  I just don’t have the money to go out and buy something expensive. I’m not part of the bridal party and I still have #5 and #6 to buy slacks, dress shirts, undershirts, shoes and ties for. Plus I’m cheap. I am only going to wear the dress once most likely and I can’t afford to go out and buy something expensive. I hope she’s not mad because I did not approve it with her first. I will have it cleaned and fingers crossed (!!) hope it fits!!

She is leaving Colorado the last weekend in May, stopping in Western Virginia for a wedding of a friend and heading to Florida to visit the groom’s grandparents. Then she is landing at my place. A few weeks and boom!!  Wedding day! She originally said we could go shopping, it would be fun–but I really don’t think she will have the time. 

I think the biggest concern she will have is that the dress looks nice for pictures which I am sure it will. Who cares? Everyone will be looking at her!! I hope I didn’t do a “no no”……

What do you all think??


2 thoughts on “M.O.B. — Faux Paux???

  1. What strikes me most is the sentence ‘I am going to wear it only once’. That’s the case with many of us here. My friends order full suit with tie for their marriage, but marriage is the only occasion they wear it in their life. The climatic condition in India also doesn’t permit the use of full suit and a neck-tie. Isn’t it a waste to order a full suit for the marriage ceremony only? For my marriage I didn’t go for a full suit with coat, tie and all that. I bought the clothes which I normally wear everyday.

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