Moving In and a Cat–Oh boy!!

#4 spends most weekends with her boyfriend at his place that he shares with his mom. Yesterday was their first year anniversary. He is not very nice to her all the time….not like she is to him. I am praying for her, “perfect mate”….which I don’t think is him but who knows??  Maybe he will step up to the plate and treat her as she should be treated. 

They drove to the beach Sunday night and spent the day there yesterday. His anniversary gift to her was a cat that is just seven months old. She loves cats. She has two dogs (I think they are mine now) and #6 is allergic to cats. So she is going to his place tonight to meet their cat. Their first pet together…..

I have mixed feelings. #3 and her old boyfriend had a dog together (which I inherited) and they broke up and she is marrying someone else now. #4 said that the cat will, “go with them when they move in together”….

I am sorry I know I am going to get much flack from this. I don’t agree with that. If you love each other, just get married. I’m old fashioned. I know that you can really get to know someone if you live together but it’s just against the way I was raised. I don’t say anything about it. #3 has lived her fiance’ for three years. It’s the way of the world but not “my way”. Oh well at least we all have our own opinions. As soon as she said that I wondered, “Why would you move in with someone whom you cry over at least once a week?  Kick him to the curb”!!  And now you have “a cat together”?  Sheesh….I even feel sorry for the poor cat that has to live with him, let alone my daughter!! (But I’m still rooting for them to work out their relationship)…

of course!!

10 thoughts on “Moving In and a Cat–Oh boy!!

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    • I feel the same way as you but she’s almost 22 so I can’t really interfere. I just pray for her and him and believe that all will be well and that she will either Wake Up or he will Change because he will lose her sooner or later. Unfortunately, this is how we sometimes learn what Not To Want, you know? My mom couldn’t tell me a thing when I was young. When looking back, I wish I listened!!

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      • I don’t care if she’s 62, that’s unacceptable for a man to do that, garbage is how I would define a man like that, what if she gets so depressed from how he treats her, she hurts herself? I say, someone should step in now before it gets worse, I could be wrong in my opinion, I was wrong once.. lol

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      • I hope she would never hurt herself. However, crying and throwing up IS hurting herself. I have already warned her that I am not going to tolerate him if he continues this bad behavior. Right now, he is being reeeaaallllll nice…..Couldn’t figure out why. She loaned him money. Sheesh…


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